About Stephen Sacks

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Born in Cape Town, South Africa, I relocated to London in 1997. After being ordained and having worked as an Orthodox rabbi, I gave up the cloth to be an osteopath and have worked as a full-time osteopath in the UK for over 10 years.

I run two clinics: ‘Pond Square Health Clinic’, in picturesque Highgate Village, and 104 Harley Street in the West End.

After 10 years in Highgate, Pond Square health Clinic opened in 2018. We have a multi disciplinary team of osteopaths, a physiotherapist and nutritionist. I began in Highgate in 2008 working alongside Simeon Neil Asher and running his Frozen Shoulder clinic and have stayed in the beautiful village since.

At the Harley Street practice, having worked alongside Barrie Savory, the legendary osteopath and author of ‘The Good Back Guide’, for five years, our lease ran out and we moved to separate single practices on Harley Street in 2016. We treat all conditions, from head to toe, and my special interests include myofascial pain, shoulder conditions, headaches, throat conditions and knee pain. Working with the medics in the building, we also have access to phlebotomy, radiology and medical support.

As well as relieving pain in the short-term, I aim to provide longer-term improvement in body structure and function.

My philosophy is simple: find the problem, fix the problem and then equip you with the tools to ensure the problem does not return.

I use a variety of methods from osteopathy, acupuncture and dry-needling to sports taping and occasionally electrotherapy.

I am registered with the General Osteopathic Council and the British Osteopathic Association and I am a member of the British Medical Acupuncture Society and the International Myopain Society.

I am insured with all major insurance companies BUT PLEASE DO CHECK with my office to see if your insurance fully covers your treatment.

This is how I am perceived by one of my patients, an artist/illustrator who often uses humour and imagination in his work to engage his audience.



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