I was recently advised by a (delighted post-treatment) patient that it was important to have testimonials. When she searched my webpage, she wasn’t sure of whether I was any good or not, as I had no testimonials. I dont believe in asking for testimonials and those lovely letters that patients write to me are to lift the heart, not boost patient traffic. Notheless, here are some to appease…

Stephen Sacks is amazing – Mrs. N. Hampstead
A god amongst osteopaths. He cured my head. Prof. H. Amsterdam
Stephen always manages to sort out my knee before and after a hard game. Premier League footballer
Not only has Stephen manages to fix my long standing back pain but even my sore throat. Sensual A-list actress.
Whenever I come to London, my first stop is osteopathy with Stephen. HRH X

There, do you believe it now? Are these for real?

I have seen too many websites that massage the ego and fool the patients. The proof is in the pudding. Besides, when I get the most AMAZING testimonial, I may take this post down and replace it!

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